Become a member of the museum

You can become a member of the Museum by filling this form and depositing 15 euros into the account number BE33 0001 7103 5046 of the Pegasus Museum npo.

A museum dedicated to the history of the 1st Belgian Para Battalion.

The driving force behind the Museum is the npo Pegasus Museum. This organization consists of people who voluntarily dedicate themselves to maintain and expand the Museum. These people not only provide the content of the Museum but also provide the guided tours etc.

You can become a member of the Pegasus Museum at any time. Becoming a member of the Pegasus Museum does not entail any obligations. With your contribution you ensure income that benefits the smooth operation and opportunities. The museum is maintained by volunteers, but of course there are also small maintenance costs. For this, one counts on the membership fee of the members, who in this way can contribute to permanently portray and further expand the history of the Parachutists. Your membership also strengthens the motivation of the Museum’s active employees. The annual membership fee is only 15 euros, ultimately only a small financial contribution that creates great opportunities if we all do this.