In Memoriam

Date of deathMember numberName
24/02/20241165VANVELTHOVEN, Gerard
15/02/202433D’HONT, Lucien
18/12/2023275REIJNDERS, Joseph
7/11/2023144EXELMANS, Frans
27/07/2023929BECK, Guy
29/06/2023497DE BAETS, Roger
14/06/2023376BEAUDION, Jacques
20/05/2023879CLEPKENS, Corneille
5/05/2023865MEYNAERTS, Frans
17/04/20231107VAN MELKEBEKE, Alfred
14/04/2023966DE VRIENDT, Edmond
7/03/2023680NYS, August
12/02/2023338RASSON, Michel
7/01/20239056VANDEN EYNDEN, Jos
2/01/2023420FLAMAND, Jacques
2/01/20239021JADOT, Florent
20/12/2022399PEETERS, Renaat
22/11/2022610VEREECKEN, Lucien
6/11/2022205HIERNAUX, Armand
28/10/2022993BONNET, René Charles
10/10/2022533BLONDEEL, Denise
28/09/2022575HAMERLINCK, Raf
20/09/2022415DESPRECHINS, Pierre
4/09/20221257MOSSIAT, Renaud
13/08/2022760VAN BELLEGHEM, Nobert
8/08/2022113GOMBEER, Casemir
6/08/202230DAEMEN, Jocobus
1/08/2022333BORGERS, Ivo
31/07/2022768VAN DEN EECKHOUT, Albert
15/06/2022516CLAES, Jozef
2/06/2022472HOLVOET, Raymond
25/05/2022469BONIN, Antoon
18/05/20221012THIOULANTS, Roger
15/05/2022965HAILLEZ, Alain
5/05/2022827GEERTS, Ernest
23/04/20226RENIERS, Guillaume
21/04/2022823DE CLEEN, Louis
31/03/2022774WYNANT, Eric
7/03/2022234VAN EMRIK, Michel
28/02/2022561JARADIN, Jean-Claude
20/02/20221233LATET, Henri
18/02/20222CLAES, Lisette
19/01/20229166LETEN, Lievin
8/01/20221447BLOGIE, Manuel

Listen to Prayer of the paratrooper:

Prayer of the Paratrooper

Give me, O Lord, what remains Thine;
What no one ever asks of Thee.
I do not ask Thee for rest,
Nor tranquillity,
Neither of the soul nor of the body.
I do not ask Thee for riches,
Nor success,
Nor even health.
So many ask you for these, O Lord,
Thou shouldst no longer have anything left to give.

Give me Lord, what remains Thine.
Give me that witch all of us refuse.
I want insecurity and restlessness,
I want struggle and trouble,
And grant them to me, My lord, forever.
Because I will not always have the courage
To ask of Thee for them.

Give me, O Lord, what remains thine,
Give me what others do not want;
But give me also the Courage,
And the Strength,
And the Faith.

André ZIRNHELD French Paratrooper — 1942